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Workit Health

For businesses, organizations and individuals


Free Trial!

This link connects to the free trial portion of the site, it allows free access to the program up until near the end of the first lesson, just choose "Life-panel" in the "how you heard of us" section.

Life Panel is representing Workit Health in their efforts to get their programs integrated into the benefit plans of America’s best employers.

Adding Workit Health into benefit plans is the most effective way to get these services to as many people as possible…especially in light of the lethal nature of the current Opioid epidemic.

Because it can take years to get services like this added to a benefits plan, we are offering the option to have people sign up for the program on an individual level…when choosing this option, please select “Life Panel” as the place you found Workit Health!

What is Workit Health?

  • Workit Health has developed an easy to use cognitive behavioral therapy based multi addiction App that is supported by qualified coaches who have periodic telephone contact with subscribers, and more frequent text contact (through the App) with subscribers.  The combination has proven to be quite powerful and effective at attracting subscribers, encouraging them to finish the program and lowering their overall usage.